Sex and Gender Discrimination

The workplace has been changing. Women have made much progress. But there is still resistance to equal treatment. We often get calls from women that employers in New York State and New York City are subjecting them to discrimination. You may find yourself last hired and first fired. Your qualifications are equal to or better than the men, yet you don't get equal pay, you bump into a glass ceiling when you apply for a promotion, you don't get equal job opportunities or benefits. Your male supervisor favors the guys he invites to lunch, and you don't get invited.

An employer cannot stereotype you based on your gender. For example, the employer may be reluctant to hire or promote a woman based on a stereotype that she is more likely to leave a job if she gets married or pregnant or will be generally less aggressive than a man. In one Supreme Court case, a woman in an accounting firm was not promoted to partner because she was considered too “macho” and because as a woman she should not have used foul language or “talked tough.” Conversely, a employer cannot stereotype men as emotionally challenged in jobs which involve caring for others, such as nursing. Nor can the employer take into consideration that co-workers or customers would prefer to have a person of a particular gender in a particular job. For example, women should not be construction workers (in the belief that manual work is not feminine), or men should not be secretaries or receptionists (in the belief that this kind of work is not masculine). Women may also be subjected to a “glass ceiling”, a situation in which qualified women cannot rise above certain levels in an organization, even though they are as qualified as the men who have obtained higher level positions. Nor can the employer make biased decisions against women based on what is called “family responsibility discrimination,” an unfounded assumption that she will pay too much attention to her children and neglect her job.

Sex or gender discrimination is illegal, and we can help you. You cannot be subjected to sex or gender discrimination at work. Federal Law, New York State Law, and New York City Law prohibit it. Sometimes you tell us that you are subjected to a hostile environment based on your sex or gender. Men are using those explicit offensive words, they are leaving offensive pictures on your desk, and sending you offensive emails. They are touching you in unwelcome and repulsive ways. Men may also be subject to a similar hostile environment perpetrated by women, or other men.

A hostile environment based on sex or gender is illegal under  Federal Law, New York State Law, and New York City Law. In our more than 25 years of experience, we have helped hundreds of employees subjected to sex and gender discrimination  and  to a hostile environment based on sex or gender, and we will be your lawyer for negotiations or a court suit in New York State Courts or New York City so that injustice is stopped.

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