Retaliation When You are Still in the Workplace

You tell us that you have complained about illegal conduct at work that your employer is retaliating against you. The illegal conduct may involve age discrimination, race discrimination, sex discrimination, gender discrimination, national origin discrimination, sexual orientation discrimination involving gays or lesbians, failure to pay wage, salary, minimum wage or overtime, denial of pension/401(k) or health benefits or health insurance, or because you have been a whistleblower about illegal conduct. You tell us that after you complained, your employer demoted you, reduced your hours, or took away job opportunities. And you don't know how to handle it. The answer is to register your complaint about ongoing retaliation, but don't retaliate against the employer. Employment law does not say that two wrongs make a right. You need to continue to do your job to the best of your ability, even if the employer is deliberately treating you badly for your complaints about illegal conduct. You need to maintain your dignity, and not be insubordinate, or give your employer an easy reason to justify itself. This will be preserve your claim, and it may preserve your job and your emotional health.

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