Preparing Your Employment Case

If we have made an appointment with you for an initial office consultation, please bring as much of the  following that is applicable in your case:
  • Name and address of your employer and other persons or entities you think you have an employment claim against  
  • Your job offer letter
  • Your resume
  • The job description your employer gave you, or your own description
  • A timeline of relevant events, including the employer's illegal acts, any retaliation to which you were subject, praise and criticism that your employer gave you 
  • Written communication, including e-mails, between you and your employer, concerning your claim or your job performance, or from co-workers regarding your claims
  • Contact information for witnesses, including a description of what each of them may know about your employment claim
  • Performance evaluations, disciplinary warnings and actions, and documents relating to your job performance, including other documents showing praise or criticism
  • Employment manual and other documents showing employer’s policies, including complaint procedures for employees and whether you used those procedures
  • Documentation of any complaints that you gave to your employer about your concerns
  • Personal logs or recordings relating to your claims
  • Medical records relating to your disability if you think you have been subject to disability discrimination
  • If you have filed with an administrative agency, such as the New York State Division of Human Rights, or the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, a copy of the file submitted to or obtained from the agency
  • Employment Contracts, Union Contracts. If you are in a union, whether you filed a grievance and what was the result
  • Your salary or hourly wage, together with your W-2's and last pay stubs
        Benefit documents, such as health and pension, 401k
  • Description of any wages that you think you are owed, including minimum wage, overtime, bonus and commissions
  • If you have a wage complaint, your time sheets, documentation of your hours worked each week and pay each week
  • Whether your employer is experiencing financial problems
  •  If you were fired, what reason were you given, and information about person who took your job
  • What you believe is the real reason for your firing, and why you believe it was illegal, including discrimination, and what evidence do you think you have of your claims
  • If you made complaints to your employer of illegal conduct, and you think you were retaliated against for the complaints, what evidence do have of the retaliation
  • Copy of any severance agreement or release
  • If your physical or emotional health has been affected by the employer’s illegal conduct, the names and addresses of any people, including family members, co-workers, friends, clergy or professional care givers who are aware of this
  • Information about any psychiatric or psychological treatment as a result of your employer's conduct, and expenses you have incurred for the treatment
  • Documentation of your job search if you have been fired and have not gotten another job, and if you have gotten another job, your wages and benefits in that job
  • If you filed for unemployment, did the employer contest your claim and what was the result
  • Any other documents which you think will be helpful in evaluating your claims
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