Discrimination Against Pakistanis

You are an American of Pakistani origin. You are a good and dedicated worker. Your New York City employer does not see it that way because your employer is prejudiced against Pakistanis. In the current environment, discrimination in the workplace against Pakistanis has increased. You are called a “terrorist” or some other derogatory and hurtful names. You are not hired, or you are abused or fired because you are of Pakistani national origin. You are told you don’t have the “right look”. Maybe you are subject to physical violence. You are shocked by the level of animosity against you, when you have done nothing to deserve it. You should not have to live in fear in the land of freedom just because you, or your ancestors, come from Pakistan.

Pakistan is the world’s sixth most-populous country, with a population of over 180 million people, comprised of many different ethnic groups and languages. In New York City, Pakistanis somewhat less than 1% of the population.

Americans of Pakistani origin are entitled, as are folks who come from other countries, to be free from discrimination because you, or your family, have come from another country.  National origin includes the country you, or your ancestors, come from, and may include your race or religion. You cannot be discriminated in hiring, promotion, transfer, wage and benefits, training, discipline, or firing – just because you or your ancestors come from Pakistan.

The purpose of discrimination laws in the workplace is to promote multiculturalism and diversity. Many employers are wary of or and hostile to Pakistanis just because they don’t understand you as an individual, and judge you harshly because of unwarranted negative stereotypes that may have of Pakistanis as a group.  The New York City work force has always been, and is increasingly, diverse, composed of many different cultures and backgrounds. Your employer may not realize the benefits of a diverse work force, and may not understand or ignore the fact that national origin discrimination is in violation of law. In addition, you cannot be discriminated against because you associate with people of a particular national origin, for example, you may not be Pakistani yourself, but married to a Pakistani. Your employer needs to evaluate you based on your qualities as an individual worker, not on what he or she may think about the group that you belong to, or on unwarranted negative stereotypes.

Nor can your New York employer subject you to a hostile environment because of the fact that you come from Pakistan or have ancestors from Pakistan. Calling you negative, hurtful names or threatening you because of the fact that you are a Pakistani is against the law in New York State and New York City.

You may be fearful of letting your employer know that you are being discriminated against based on the fact that you are a Pakistani. However, if you do raise the issue of discrimination with your employer, you cannot be subject to retaliation.

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